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Are you trying hard to picture a specific scene but failing?

No worries! The 360-degrees virtual tour solutions can quickly solve this issue. It can capture particular locations in high resolution, and when zoomed in, the quality is maintained, allowing the users to see the details. With just a click of a button, navigating through the page will be swift and effortless.

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VeecoTech’s Virtual Tour Solutions consists of multiple panoramic photos joined together to allow the users to experience the area without being there physically. These virtual tours can be accessed in Singapore or wherever else you are located through any electronic device such as laptops, smartphones, tablets, and desktop computers.

Globalization has provided boundless opportunities for companies with the use of the Internet as a marketing tool. The development of the Internet means that there would be constant improvements in technology, thus producing virtual maps in Singapore, which resolves the issue of travelling long distances.

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Virtual Interior

A visualizer is not only for your designers, but it is also for your clients. What is it exactly? It is room design software that allows you to see what your interior design ideas look like before physically building them.

The connection between a business and its client is the most crucial feature in the interior design industry, as their final approval is all that matters. That is where our virtual interior design visualizer software comes in. Designers can relay their ideas to their clients, resolving the disparity between envisioned ideas and the final product.

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Virtual Fashion

The focal point in technological advances currently being discussed is virtual fashion try-on; it combats the feeling of doubt when purchasing from online stores.

Customers can direct the camera at themselves and virtually wear apparel that the fashion company provides at the comfort of their own homes. Business industries are becoming more digitalized as the current market consumers look towards convenience, efficiency, and reliability. Virtual try-on is the solution as it bridges the gap and finds a perfect balance of online and offline shopping in Singapore.

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