If you use an email program, such as Outlook Express or Netscape Messenger:

  • Download all email from the Expedient server to your PC.
  • If you use IMAP, watch the size of messages you receive. Consult your email program help if you are not able to see the size of your messages.
  • Remove messages with large attachments by saving them to your computer’s hard drive, or by deleting them.
  • Do not leave a copy of the messages on the server. This option is available option on most email programs. Please click on the link below for instructions for disabling this option:

    Remove Messages From Server

Note: If you need to leave copies of email messages on the server, check your email program for an option to remove messages after X amount of days or to remove messages from the server when you delete them from your computer. If you receive a message with a large attachment that you would like to keep, you may want to use webmail to remove it from the server after it has been downloaded to your computer.

If you use Webmail: Keep a close watch on the size of messages, particularly those with attachments. To determine the size of your messages: Click the Options link at the top of the screen, then choose Index Order. Select Size from the drop down menu and click the Add button. Return to your Inbox to see the size of each message

December 27th, 2016||

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